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serendipity photography st kilda beach

Nicole and Matthew were wed on the most beautiful warm, sunny day. Serendipity Photography adored the charming light of the day. The surrounds seemed to burst with joy in the bright sunlight, with the warmth of the day appearing to emanate from the happy couple as well, whose excitement was infectious. The stunning weather made for the kind of day everyone wishes for on their wedding day.

Nicole chose a beautiful gown with subtle ruching on the bodice and a flawless fit. The simple and elegant wedding dress provided maximum impact with minimum fuss. We, Serendipity, thought Nicole glowed as she walked down the aisle, with just a hint of sparkle in her accessories complementing the dress and veil with breathtaking effect. Her strappy heals and crystal drop earrings were the icing on the cake. Matthews regal purple tie matched the bridesmaids’ dresses, a great combination of majestic and modern.

serendipity photography st kilda beach

serendipity photography st kilda beach

The ceremony and reception were both held and the fantastic International of Brighton. As guests watched on, Nicole walked down the aisle in the gorgeous and intimate garden of the International. Serendipity loves this location, with its contemporary elegance and flexible atmosphere it is perfect for anyone after a stylish flair. The garden courtyard adjoins the reception centre. On this bright and beautiful day, rays of light shone down through the branches of the overhanging trees. With a spattering of old stone vases and sculptures reminiscent of grotto styling, the courtyard holds a romantic Italian ambience. The lovely pagola and golden leaves of the trees above gave the ceremony a dappled sunlight that made the couple appear effervescent making photographing a joy for Serendipity.

serendipity photography st kilda beach

Nicole and Matthew opted for the very convenient option of the pre wedding shoot, meaning that they were able to spend more time going to all the stunning locations that they had dreamed of. The St Kilda Foreshore offered an array of fantastic settings, and with the great weather these locations were given a summery appearance. Flying into Melbourne from abroad, Nicole and Matthew wanted location photographs to represent their memories of home. With an interest in Melbourne’s rich history, and with a flair for contemporary style, Nicole and Matthew chose locations like the Palais theatre and the Catani Arch. These spots provided great photo opportunities and worked beautifully with the themes of the day.

serendipity photography st kilda beach

serendipity photography st kilda

Catani Arch, with its Italian heritage was the ideal setting for the first meeting of the morning. Nicole and Matthew, along with a select group of some of their closest loved ones, met on the morning of their wedding to take photos along the Foreshore. Utilising the incredible potential of the setting, Serendipity was able to capture some wonderful moments of the couple and their party. Pre wedding photography is a great way to start the day, ensuring that the newlyweds are able to relax and take their time without the rush of returning to their guests. Unlike the traditional location photographs after the ceremony, Nicole and Matthew were able to mingle with their loved-ones after their courtyard ceremony and move with ease into the reception. This avoids guests waiting around in the couple’s absence, while photographs are taken.

serendipity photography st kilda beach

serendipity photography billilla

Looking for some quintessential Melbourne style, Nicole and Matthew had photographs taken in front of the iconic Luna Park, The Palais Theatre and its classic Art Deco style and the Catani Arch, before moving onto Billilla Mansion for some magical images underneath the tree canopies. The classic elegance of Billilla shines through in these gorgeous photographs. The happy couple enjoy a pre-wedding champagne in the English inspired gardens, before parting ways before the ceremony. In true Western tradition, the men and women congregate in separate groups, before joining together for the ceremony.

Serendipity loved photographing Nicole and Matthew with their bridal party. They were at ease and relaxed with a drink before heading off to the ceremony at the International of Brighton.

Serendipity Billilla     Serendipity Billilla           Serendipity Billilla

Nicole and Matthew chose the International of Brighton to go with their theme of contemporary elegance. With a combination of historic and modern architecture and styling, the International of Brighton worked perfectly in combination with the location shoots to provide Nicole and Matthew with some unique and inspiring images that represent Melbourne, both past and present. Serendipity loves photographing the International, with its architectural beauty and stylish finishings, it’s a joy to shoot.

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  1. Amanda James 5 July 2012 at 7:04 pm #

    The photographs are really excellent and they were taken by a very, very talented photographer. There is a great sense of fun and relaxation and you can see that everyone was having a great time.
    The colours are quite something, they really pop and I love the timeless quality in the shots at the Palais Theatre and the beach. The album is laid out so well. Its faultless! You couldn’t not be happy. LOVE IT!

    Thanks! Amanda

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