Page update! New wedding photographs from the beautiful Collins St.

Have you seen Serendipity’s pages about Collins St?

Established at the beginning of the gold Rush era, Collins St is home to many of Melbourne’s finest commercial and historic buildings — predominantly neo-gothic and Victorian styles. The opulence of Collins St attracts tourists and locals alike and it is offers a variety of exciting locations for Melbourne wedding photography.

Tragically, Le Louvre at 74 Collins st has moved, and though the building remains, it is certainy the end of an era. At Serendipity Photography we loved Le Louvre for it’s gorgeous copper detailing and elegantly minimal window displays.

Check out our page with our favourite locations and a bit of history, and preview some photos below.

Serendipity’s Favourite Melbourne Photography Locations – Collins Street

Serendipity’s Favourite Melbourne Wedding Photography Locations – Collins St: A History


Melbourne’s beloved elm trees on Collins Street provide cool and lacy shade



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