Post coming on St Michael’s on Collins Street

St Michael’s church on Collins Street is another iconic Melbourne church, and yet another fantastic location for the best wedding photography. Serendipity Photography loves St Michael’s overflowing photography locations, between buildings and in their gorgeous gardens. St Michael’s has many of the features that are particular to Joseph Reed’s designs, that unique mix of practicality and awe-inspiring design. Here’s what the National Trust had to say about St Michael’s.

The earliest church in Victoria to be built in a Lombardic Romanesque style, designed by Reed and Barnes, and erected in 1866–67. The polychrome brick exterior, with tall campanile to the south-west, is especially notable. The galleried interior is of amphitheatrical form focussing upon pulpit and organ and designed for acoustic effect. The building exerted a highly formative influence on subsequent polychrome church work and, together with Reed’s Lombardic style houses, on polychrome architecture generally in Victoria.”

If you’d like to know more about the St Michael’s you can visit their website. Expect more on Collins St and great churches for wedding photography soon. And as always, if you’d like our opinion on any Melbourne wedding photography locations you can contact us through our Facebook account, or our website.

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