Preview photos of our new Town Halls section.

Wedding Photography at South Melbourne and Fitzroy Town Halls

Classic cars and classic architecture: South Melbourne Town Hall.

On the steps on South Melbourne Town Hall.

One thing you’ll notice if you ever visit Europe is their fascination with majestic town halls. In Melbourne we have some stunning town halls, which are very popular locations for shoots. While Parliament house ranks particularly highly with wedding photographers, some of our fine inner-city town halls have many similar qualities, without having to fight for space. We love South Melbourne town hall, and Fitzroy town hall for their space and style and those amazing columns — very Greek chic.

Both buildings are heritage listed and we’re working on a comprehensive history and photo array in our Serendipity Photography’s Favourite Locations.

But for now, here’s a sneak preview of one wedding shoot featuring the lovely Kayla and David on their wedding day.

Serendipity Photography loves South Melbourne Town Hall for wedding photography.

Built in 1880 during Melbourne boom time, South melbourne is an amazing location for wedding photography. At Serendipity Photography we see South Melbourne town hall as not one but a constellation of beautiful locations. The glorious parthenon-style front with beautiful stone detailing make it perfect for the bride and groom who appreciate classic architectural design. South Melbourne Town Hall is an ideal place to stop for wedding photography, especially when pressed for time. There are lots of beautiful locations around it, including rustic alleyways with crumbling paint and beautiful weathered boards.

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