New page on Monsalvat.

Another week, another amazing wedding location. We’ve just put up a new page on Monsalvat, the artists colony/exhibition space/restaurant in Eltham (the variety of entertainment they offer is as ecclectic as the property itself). We love shooting weddings at Monsalvat for it’s unique style and rustic charm, and we hope the photos from Vi and Mark’s wedding let you see it the Serendipity Photography way.

Here’s a little of what we had to say about Monsalvat:

Monsalvat is a unique property in Melbourne’s outer suburbs with an engaging past and an ecclective approach to Australian design. Justus and Lily Jorgensen bought the land that would become Monsalvat in 1934 and set about building the various elements of the artists colony. The construction involved the collaborative efforts of the Jorgensen’s friends and contemporary designers and builders.

… [Features] of the Great Hall at Montsalvat, such as the gargoyles, were carved by friends of Jorgensen and volunteers from local rock.

Monsalvat now covers twelve acres with winding paths between the various buildings — of which the bluestone nondenominational chapel and a stables are particularly attractive. The grounds are luscious and green most of the year and a ceremony or reception package at Monsalvat also includes time for photography around the grounds.

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