Upcoming page on Labassa, with pics to follow.

Labassa is one of Melbourne’s most decadent, extraordinary Heritage listed buildings. After extensive renovation Labassa has been reopened to the public once a month and can also be booked for wedding ceremonies and photography.

Labassa is a Renaissance-style mansion with an array of French-inspired interior décor, built by German architect J.A.B. Koch for Cobb & Co. millioniare Alexander Robertson, who specified the construction of a  home in which he could host lavish parties or as an unreferenced source quoted him as saying, “the most magnificent house in Melbourne”. The house itself exceeds the aesthetic boundaries of any other Melbourne mansion, with gold-leaf, Italian marble, mahogany and embossed wallpaper all adding to the existing grand design.

One incredible feature of Labassa are the ornate stone carvings that decorate the façade.  Leading into the covered doorway are two matching sculptures holding up Corinthian arches. These, as well as the faces above the second story windows give the mansions an expressive neo-Grecan style which is quite unfamiliar to turn of the century Autsralian architecture.

Despite not being available for receptions Labassa is still a fantastic place for a ceremony and is an amazing opportunity to explore an opulent mansion on the most glamourous days of your life.

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  1. Andrew Dixon 16 February 2012 at 3:13 pm #

    The decorations of the grand rooms in this mansion are magnificent and make a wonderful backdrop for a ceremony and/or photographs.
    Here is a link to an image of the exterior… http://​www​.flickr​.com/​p​h​o​t​o​s​/​h​e​l​e​f​r​a​n​/​5​9​6​8​7​2​0​1​44/

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