Upcoming post on Lakeside

While we’re collecting a great selection of photos for our Serendipity’s Top Melbourne Wedding Photography Locations section, you can read our review of Lakeside Reception Centre.

Lakeside is a large flexible Northside reception centre with more than it’s fair share of appeal. With three equally charming ballrooms with their own adjoining foyers, it’s no wonder that we’ve heard at Serendipity Photography of people going well out of their way to secure a room there on their wedding day.

Lakeside has large grounds that are suitable for cermonies, and we’ve also known them to accommodate for a medium-sized ceremony if the weather’s turned. Otherwise they can host ceremonies on their large, lush grounds. We’ve seen Lakeside employed for a wide array of interesting and unique weddings.

Weddings at Lakeside are easy, with their helpful staff and well-appointed facilites. The Bridal room, for example, is quite grand, and perfect for larger bridal parties, who are also made very comfortable in their ballrooms, which each can cater for up to sixteeen members.

The ballroom is huge and elegant, and all feature wide circular dance-floors that can be viewed from the raised seating areas. Lakesie has this in comm0n with its sister centre Luxor, which is also excellent for big, beautiful, fun weddings.

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