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Hi all!

We’ve been so delighted at Serendipity Photography to be able to start bringing couples previews of their wedding via our Facebook page. We’re now effectively in our seventh week on Facebook and we’re so happy with the response from our clients and lots of other wonderful Facebook users.

This is completely new ground, social networking and photo-sharing are a fantastic way for our clients to get more great photos, faster from their Serendipity Photography wedding albums. But it’s also meant a very steep learning curve for us, improving our production system to help get the best looking previews to the majority of clients. At Serendipity Photography we are aiming to bring this service to all of our clients in 2011, and in the meantime we hope you enjoy the photos we’ve posted so far.

We’d love your feedback on some of the weddings we’ve posted on our Facebook page, and if you “like” what you see you know what to do. Check out some of the weddings below by clicking the hyperlink, or come visit our Facebook page.

Hanny and Sam

Melissa and Jake

Rachel and  Anthony


the Serendpity Photography team

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